Women's Pajamas | Fleece Women’s Pajamas for Warm and Cozy Winter Nightwear

Fleece Women’s Pajamas for Warm and Cozy Winter Nightwear


Warm and Cozy Pajamas for the Long Winter Nights

When it comes to staying warm on long winter nights, nothing is as warm and cozy as fleece pajamas. While flannel and cotton pajamas may be more traditional, advances in technology mean that fleece pajamas now ensure that you can stay warm no matter how cold the night.

Fleece fabric is a completely man-made product that uses various synthethic materials to make a cloth that is soft, light and very, very warm. For the environmentally friendly shopper it is possible to get fleece clothing made from 100% recycled materials. And, of course, snug in your fleece you can turn down the thermostat and reduce the amount of fuel you use. You can sleep comfortably with a clear, clean conscience.

For the really cold nights a popular development in pajamas has been one piece footed pajamas. Indeed for all over snuggling you can also get one piece pajamas with hoods. With only your nose peeking out you are guaranteed to stay warm in your own little private cocoon. Like giant romper suits, these pajamas keep out all cold air and drafts and keep you warm and cozy from the tips of your toes to the top of your head all night long. And not only are fleece pajamas warm, they allow your skin room to breathe and help carry moisture away from your body for that complete comfortable night’s sleep.

Fleece pajamas are usually fitted with nylon zips which warm up along with you and your pajamas so that there is no cold metal to startle you in the middle of the night. Some ingenious one piece women’s pajamas even come with a zipped bottom flap so that you do not have to undress in a chilly bathroom if caught short in the middle of the night.

But fleece pajamas aren’t just warm and practical sleepwear, they make ideal loungewear in the depths of winter. Footed fleece pajamas even do away with the need for slippers! There no need to worry about the fleece slipping as the specially textured feet on the pajamas are non-slip. You can curl up in a cozy ball on the sofa or carry on with your chores in cozy confidence.

Although fleece pajamas are available in traditional styles, they are more generally available in contemporary loungewear styles. Fleece bottoms and sweatshirts style tops give a sport look to your pajamas. While the one piece and footed pajamas are clearly for the girl who values comfort over appearance. As fleece material is available in every possible color and in a range of patterns and prints they are particularly suited for novelty pajamas and are make for very popular kids pajamas.

Fleece pajamas are crumple free and can be washed at a low temperature as often as necessary. The will look as good as new for years to come providing you with reliable warm winter wear. While you may prefer silk or satin pajamas for special occasions, there will always be nights when only your fleece pajamas will keep you warm.