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Petite Pajamas – Short Is Beautiful


While the fashion world may be in love with slender models they like them thin and tall. Finding clothing for the shorter woman has always been fraught with difficulty and it is no different when it comes to petite pajamas. Fortunately, as the market for sleepwear in all its guises expands the options are improving and the following tips may help the smaller woman find her perfect sleepwear. Of course petite pajamas are just like other women’s pajamas in all respects other than sizing and the same general guidelines apply as in our other posts.

Photo by AndersonRise via PhotoExpress

Photo by AndersonRise via PhotoExpress

So what counts as petite size? Petite women are usually taken as being less than 5’4” (that’s about 162.5 cm). Petite clothing is about height rather than weight. It is short rather than small. It is possible to get plus sizes pajamas which are also petite for women who are neither tall nor slim. For this reason, it is necessary to look for specific petite sleepwear that is cut and proportioned for the petite lady.
Traditional pajamas in petite sizing can be very flattering as they are a style that looks good in vertical stripes and which can have an elongating effect upon the body. The loose nature of an old-fashioned pajama suit means that it can be easily adapted to suit different bodyshapes. Tying in the waist of a pair of satin pajamas will emphasize a small waist or create an illusion of larger shoulders for example. Petite nightgowns are similarly adaptable. Nightgowns come in many different styles from conservative to modern and it is no great difficulty to shorten the hem of one that is too long if the rest of the gown is the right size.

For younger women traditional pajamas and nightgowns may be less attractive. For them there are many more casual and modern styles. Simple separates that can be mixed and matched together are very popular and the combination of tank top with shorts or pajama bottoms is probably the most common approach. Very often these are simple cotton pajamas but for something more sensual and grown up this style is also available in fancier styles of satin and silk pajamas. A silk camisole matched with silk shorts is a simple way to warm up this look. For the girl who wants to cover up and keep warm there are alway petite footed fleece pajamas.

There are some alternatives to specific petite sizes in sleepwear but they are not very satisfactory. Small sizes are one choice and can be adapted but they are very often in the wrong proportions and the tailoring necessary, unless you are a particularly good needlewoman, is too much trouble. Alternatively, there is always the option of wearing children’s pajamas but these to tend to be too little-girly for the grown up if smaller woman. There is only so much pink and so many princess designs that a girl can take! Also, for younger petite women, and in particular for teenage girls, they will be trying to leave behind childish things rather than continue wearing them.

Generally, petite sleepwear will come in similar styles, designs, colors and patterns to other pajamas. However, certain patterns and colors may be more suitable for the petite woman. As mentioned, vertical stripes are a simple way to make you look taller and they also look good on pajamas. On the other hand, traditional tartan and plaid patterns, which are also common on pajamas, will have a shortening effect and should be avoided. Dark colors do tend to make you look smaller so bright colors, if they match your coloring, may be better. Again, too much pink on a petite woman can make her look younger which may be a good or a bad thing. For pajamas reds and warm pastels may be the better choice.

As always, the best place for ideas and solutions if you are looking for petite pajamas is online. There are many websites dedicated to petite fashions and most of the big retailers and manufacturers now carry petite ranges. However, it is very important when purchasing pajamas online to check all the sizing information the vendor provides and to carefully read their terms and conditions in relation to returns to ensure that you can return them if you are dissatisfied with their interpretation of petite.